Keeping Mice Out Of Your Air Conditioning Unit

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If you have an air conditioner in your home, you most likely enjoy having your rooms feel comfortable when temperatures outdoors are scorching. When temperatures cool off and you pack your air conditioner away until the next warm season, it is at risk for becoming the home to mice. This can cause problems with your air conditioner the next time you go to use it, in addition to being a fire hazard if the critters happen to bite through wires within. Here are a few tips you can use to keep mice out of your air conditioning unit altogether. Do Routine Maintenance When cooler temperatures are here to stay for a while, it is best to do some routine maintenance to your air conditioner so it is ready to use when the next heat wave occurs. Clean the air conditioner, change out the filter, and unplug the unit until it is needed again. Take the time to thoroughly vacuum vents and wipe down the exterior of your air conditioner to help keep rodents away. Mice enjoy burrowing in dirtier areas, so a clean air conditioner will not be as exciting as a home. Wrap the exterior of your air conditioner using heavy-duty plastic to help keep out not only pests, but moisture as well. Take Away Attractions To keep mice out of your air conditioning unit, try taking away things that may be attracting them to stay on your property. Take up all pet food dishes so mice do not hang around trying to get a morsel to eat. Cover all fountains, birdbaths, and ponds so they do not have a water source. Keep your lawn trimmed so there are no areas of brush for mice to hide in. Use A Few Decoys Mice will stay away from areas where they feel vulnerable or where prey may be prevalent. Consider placing a few decoys around your air conditioning unit to scare mice away from the area completely. Purchase a few rubber snakes to place on the ground near your unit. Go to a hunting store and find an owl decoy to place on your deck, peeking out a window, or in a tree near to where your air conditioner is located. If you have a cat, place some cat litter from its litter box near your air conditioning unit so mice will shy away from the area when they smell the scent of a predatory...

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3 Reasons Why Stud Welding Is The Best Fastening Method

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Attaching studs and fasteners to metal isn’t an easy process, but there are a few methods out there that are commonly used. One of the most popular fastening methods to be used with metal is stud welding, and this option is pretty popular for a reason. If you are in an industry that requires you to attach things to metal, and if you aren’t currently using stud welding as your main method of doing so, then you are missing out on a great opportunity that could help your business. These are some of the reasons why stud welding is one of the most preferred fastening methods for metal: 1. It Only Takes One Person With many fastening methods, two or more people have to be involved to attach each additional part to each piece of metal. This can cost more in labor and can cause it to take longer to get the job done. With stud welding, however, this is not the case at all. Just one well-trained stud welder can apply pieces to metal quickly and easily, without the help of anyone else. 2. Stud Welding Works in Small Places Many fastening methods do not work well when you are working with small pieces or when you are trying to get the job done in a tight space. Stud welding, however, does not require a lot of space at all, so the job can be done just about anywhere. Plus, pieces that are both small and large work well with stud welding, so it’s a great option for jobs that cannot be done in other ways. 3. The Bond is Permanent A lot of fastening methods that are used during industrial processes are not very strong and secure. This means that pieces can fall off of metal when they shouldn’t, which can lead to an unreliable product that can earn a bad reputation among consumers. If you want to ensure that the bond between your metal and the pieces that you are attaching is as strong and durable as possible, stud welding is your best choice. Basically, stud welding should be your top choice if you value the quality and strength of your produced products. As you can see, stud welding is the best fastening method out there. If you are looking to make improvements to how your company does things, now is the time to get on board with the benefits of stud welding. Contact a company such as Northland Fastening Systems to learn...

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