Three Ways Modernizing Your Elevator Can Actually Save You Money

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A new car is an expensive proposition; however, there comes a point where continuing to repair an old, fuel-inefficient car adds up to an even higher cost. The same thing could be said of elevators. The cost of modernizing your elevator will depend on a lot of things – the type of elevator, its age, and how many changes you’re going to make. But continuing to run an older elevator can be expensive. Here are three ways that modernizing your elevator might be able to save you money. More Energy Efficiency If your elevator is older – especially if it’s a few decades old – then you may be spending more than you need to in energy costs. Like the engines in many cars, older power units for elevators are not as efficient as new ones; the more your elevator is being used, the more this increased inefficiency will cost you. In addition, elevator control software today is more sophisticated, which can further reduce energy use. This software can combine floor requests efficiently, causing the elevator to make fewer stops. The more your elevator has to start and stop, the more energy it uses; being able to combine stop requests can save you energy as well as saving time for people using the elevator. Less Spent On Service Calls The most obvious way that modernizing your elevator saves you money on service calls is by reducing the number of service calls you need to make. This is especially true for elevators that are reaching the end of their expected lifespans; just like with cars, if you have an older elevator and it’s frequently breaking down, the cost of a new one could pay for itself in less frequent repairs. But there’s another way a modernized elevator can save you money on service calls. Older elevators are more difficult to find replacement parts for, and as more service technicians focus on newer elevators, it can even become difficult to find technicians who will work on your elevator. Lower Lawsuit Risk If someone is injured because your elevator stops working, that can be a problem. However, a big part of personal injury law is the concept of negligence: if you can show that you kept up with the maintenance on your elevator and the accident was simply a freak occurrence, you stand a good chance of defending yourself in court. If your elevator is old and in poor condition, however, or it’s been known to break down frequently, then it’s much more likely that you could be found negligent; after all, it was your responsibility to keep the elevator safe for people to use. Hopefully, no one will ever be injured...

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4 Tips To Save Money On Your Business’s Cooling Bill

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Air conditioning is a must to ensure that your office is comfortable for both your clients and your employees. Even so, it can be difficult to keep a handle on the rising cost of running your commercial air conditioner all summer long. The following tips can help keep your building cool without inconveniencing your staff, your customers, or your wallet. Tip #1: Stick With A Program A programmable thermostat is one of the best ways to save money in your office. Set your AC to a higher temperature after business hours and on the weekends, then simply program it to drop to a more comfortable temperature for the hours your business is open. You will save energy by not cooling the building as much after hours. You may not want to turn of the system completely, though, since it can then take longer to cool the offices back down to a comfortable temperature. Extreme heat, such as could occur over a long weekend with no AC, can also harm electronics and computers. Tip #2: Lock and Key A programmable thermostat is only half the equation, though. You need to make sure that it stays at the pre-programmed temperature. This means protecting it from accidental (and not-so-accidental) adjustments. Thermostat lock boxes are available. These clear boxes are fitted over the thermostat so that one can still read the temperature, but they can’t access the adjustments buttons without a key. You need to use a box made for thermostats, since these are vented to allow proper air flow for temperature sensitivity. Tip #3: Automatic Pilot Open doors can suck your cool air right out of your building and suck the money right out of your pocket. Automatic doors are the simplest and most effective way to combat this issue. This completely prevents doors being propped open, and it also makes it easier for staff and customers to enter and exit the building, even if their hands are full. Don’t stop at the doors. You may also want to add sensors to your windows. With sensors, you can easily check a control panel to see if any windows have been left open, so you can arrange to close them promptly. Tip #4: Regular Service Calls You should have your HVAC system inspected regularly. At the beginning of the AC season and again at the start of the heating season are the bare minimum. Your technician can make sure that your AC is running as efficiently as possible by cleaning out fans and condenser units, replacing worn belts and hoses, and cleaning the filters. They will also check for any potential issues that are brewing so you can arrange to get them fixed...

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