In a lot of ways, hard water is a lot like the wind that blows beyond your front door. You may not be able to see it, but you will definitely suspect that it is around. Unfortunately, hard water is one of the most common residential water issues that needs treatment because it can cause a lot of issues with everything from your plumbing to your appliances. Therefore, having a water treatment system installed to alleviate the problem is always the best idea. As a homeowner, it is a good idea to get to know a few of the sneaky signs that you could be dealing with hard water in your home.  

1. Your toilet has ugly reddish-brown stains. – Hard water, specifically water with a high concentration of iron, can leave some pretty ugly reddish-brown streaks on porcelain surfaces. Therefore, if you spot streaky reddish-brown stains on the inside of your toilet that seem stubborn to come off, you could be dealing with hard water. 

2. You have issues with drains and pipes that develop clogs quickly. – The sediment in hard water can build up on your plumbing pipes and drains over times, making it much more likely that you will have issues with clogs or drainage issues. If it seems like you have more issues with clogs than you ever have, it could be a symptom of hard water. 

3. Your soap does not lather as it should. – You rub and rub to try and get the bubbles from a bar of soap to appear, or you scrub your shampoo into your hair with little resulting lather. Because the minerals in hard water can combat the lathering agents in soaps, this is definitely a sign you are dealing with hard water issues. 

4. You feel like all you ever do is clean soap scum. – Homes that have issues with hard water will easily develop scummy residue on sinks, shower stalls, and tubs. If you are constantly cleaning what appears to be soap scum from these surfaces, there is a good chance what you are dealing with is mineral deposits caused by hard water. 

5. The appliances in your house have a lot of problems. – Your hot water heater, washing machine, and your dishwasher are all home appliances that can see problems if you have issues with hard water. The mineral sediments in the water can cause all kinds of issues with your home appliances, from clogs in drainage lines in your dishwasher to seeing clothes come from the washer still looking dirty.