Most of the time, you do not recognize any changes in your property, so subtle are the everyday forces of nature. However, there may exist some anomalies in your property of which you are unaware. If you request land surveying, you may discover these anomalies, as well as whether or not you should be concerned about them. Here is how land surveying will uncover anything freaky about your property.

Depressions in the Ground

Depressions in the ground are very revealing to land surveyors. You would be surprised to learn what dips in the yard can mean.

They could mean one of the following:

  • Something was buried under the depression, and since it has now deteriorated, the earth above it has collapsed in on top of it. This includes bodies as well as wooden treasure chests, so be careful.
  • There is a sinkhole of sorts under the depression. There was rock below, but the rock collapsed downward, allowing the earth and soil overhead to follow down after it. This could turn into a full-blown sinkhole, if you live in an area where there is soft loamy soil or sandy soil.
  • Large rocks are shifting upward around the depression, creating a sort of natural “bowl.”

As such, you could call in a geologist to test the soil and rock in these areas, or you could excavate the areas to make sure you have nothing untoward to worry about.

You Cannot Grow Trees or Grass in Another Area of the Yard 

If you have another area of your yard that just seems unable to support any sign of life, and everything from grass to trees refuses to flourish there, the surveyor will make note of that too. It could mean that the soil is completely devoid of plant nutrition. It could also mean that there is an excessive amount of natural gas pushing upward through the ground and choking the life out of everything you plant there. If you also tend to smell a rotten egg smell while standing on that spot, natural gas may just be the culprit. If that is the case, you may want to have an oil company extract it so that you can restore the soil to a natural balance.

The Surveyor Notices Excess Water Collecting

Another anomaly that a surveyor might notice is the collection of water on your property. Low-lying areas aside, if you have lots of water collecting in giant puddles on your property, and it seems to take forever to sink into the ground or evaporate, you may have very little actual soil there. Instead, you could have a couple inches of soil, and have rock or even a secret fall-out bunker hidden there. It is worth poking around to find out.

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