Putting a Sump Pump in Your Crawlspace: What It Will Achieve

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When crawlspaces are wet and messy and essentially become quite useless for storage, you may want to get them waterproofed and dried out. It is not just the crawlspace that gets water damage; the water damage can also leak into your home if you let it go unchecked. One option, installing a sump pump in the crawlspace, may seem like it would not do well or achieve much. Actually, as the following will show, a sump pump in a crawlspace can achieve a lot. Water That Is Pulled Down and Pumped Away As the contractor works to construct a fully waterproof crawlspace, he or she will dig a hole in the crawlspace for the sump pump. Usually for crawlspaces the best option is to place the sump pump dead center of the available space and grade the floor in the crawl space upward from the hole. If you also have the floor covered in concrete, then all the water that enters the crawl space will flow downward to the center and into the sump-pump hole. The sump pump then pumps the water out and through a pipe that dispenses the water several yards away from the foundation of your home. Significantly Drier Crawl Space Even if you choose not to coat the crawlspace floor in concrete, having the sump pump installed and the floors graded down toward it will make your crawlspace much drier. The dirt floor can be covered with plastic sheeting or a tarp if you want to store items in the crawlspace, and the sump pump would still work to remove whatever water falls into it. The actual hole of the sump pump would be coated in concrete, even if the floor of the crawlspace is not, as this will prevent the water from sinking into the earth rather than being pumped out of the space. Help with Flooding If you live in a flood plain or close to coastal waters, then you have probably seen a flooded crawlspace once or twice in your life. Since you would have to either wait for the water to recede or manually pump the water out yourself if flooding were to happen to your crawlspace, a lot of damage to your home can happen in that time. Having a working sump pump in the crawlspace means that less water will accumulate and get trapped there, preventing flood waters from rising and getting stuck. As the pump works to clear the water flowing into the crawlspace, it lowers the level of water there and prevents water damage from standing water that gets trapped in most crawlspaces. Talk to a company such as Rite-Way Waterproofing to get started installing a sump...

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How Your Trees Can Cause Damage To Your Roof

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Even though your trees might make a beautiful addition to your property, the truth is that they can pose a risk for your roof. These are a few reasons why and a few steps that you can take to keep your roof in good condition while still enjoying your trees. Falling Trees or Limbs Can Destroy Your Roof First of all, falling trees or limbs can destroy your roof on impact. If your trees are dead or are very thin, harsh winds — particularly during a hurricane, tornado or other major storm — can cause them to fall over and onto your home. Not only can this destroy your roof, but it could put you and your family in danger. To help keep your roof and your family safe, keep an eye on your trees, and have them removed if they pose a danger for your home. Also, keep your tree branches pruned.  Tree Branches Can Rub and Cause Damage Another thing that you have to worry about are tree branches that are hanging over your home. When the wind blows, branches can rub against the top of your home, causing friction on your shingles. This can cause shingles to wear out, or there is a risk of branches getting caught underneath your shingles and tearing them off. Even if they seem to be in good shape, low-hanging branches that hang too close to the top of your home should be trimmed so that they will not cause damage to the top of your home. Your roofing professional, like http://dsbahr.com, can help you identify any problems with your roof and any trees that might be causing them; then, you can work with a tree trimming professional to take care of the problem. Leaves Can Hold Moisture It’s not abnormal for leaves to accumulate on top of your roof. Not only can this be unsightly because it can look rather sloppy, but it can cause other problems, too. For example, as the leaves pile up, they can cause moisture to accumulate on top of your home. This can lead to rotting and mold and mildew growth, which can cause major problems for your roof. To prevent this from happening, work with a roofing professional to have leaves removed. Along with removing the leaves, your roofer can determine if there are any problems you should be aware of. Leaves Can Clog Gutters Another roofing problem that can be caused by your trees is for your leaves to clog up your gutters. As this happens, it can become difficult or impossible for water to drain off of your roof. As the water stands, it can become heavy and can cause leaks. During...

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How Land Surveying Can Discover Anomalies On Your Property

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Most of the time, you do not recognize any changes in your property, so subtle are the everyday forces of nature. However, there may exist some anomalies in your property of which you are unaware. If you request land surveying, you may discover these anomalies, as well as whether or not you should be concerned about them. Here is how land surveying will uncover anything freaky about your property. Depressions in the Ground Depressions in the ground are very revealing to land surveyors. You would be surprised to learn what dips in the yard can mean. They could mean one of the following: Something was buried under the depression, and since it has now deteriorated, the earth above it has collapsed in on top of it. This includes bodies as well as wooden treasure chests, so be careful. There is a sinkhole of sorts under the depression. There was rock below, but the rock collapsed downward, allowing the earth and soil overhead to follow down after it. This could turn into a full-blown sinkhole, if you live in an area where there is soft loamy soil or sandy soil. Large rocks are shifting upward around the depression, creating a sort of natural “bowl.” As such, you could call in a geologist to test the soil and rock in these areas, or you could excavate the areas to make sure you have nothing untoward to worry about. You Cannot Grow Trees or Grass in Another Area of the Yard  If you have another area of your yard that just seems unable to support any sign of life, and everything from grass to trees refuses to flourish there, the surveyor will make note of that too. It could mean that the soil is completely devoid of plant nutrition. It could also mean that there is an excessive amount of natural gas pushing upward through the ground and choking the life out of everything you plant there. If you also tend to smell a rotten egg smell while standing on that spot, natural gas may just be the culprit. If that is the case, you may want to have an oil company extract it so that you can restore the soil to a natural balance. The Surveyor Notices Excess Water Collecting Another anomaly that a surveyor might notice is the collection of water on your property. Low-lying areas aside, if you have lots of water collecting in giant puddles on your property, and it seems to take forever to sink into the ground or evaporate, you may have very little actual soil there. Instead, you could have a couple inches of soil, and have rock or even a secret fall-out bunker hidden...

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2 Reasons to Have Double or Triple Glazed Windows

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If you need to get new windows, there are all kinds of options out there that you can choose from. A couple of choices are to get windows that are double glazed or triple glazed. Here are two reasons to go with one of these options.  Heating/Cooling Costs One reason to go with windows that are double or triple glazed is because they will actually cut your heating and cooling costs down. That because in between the panes of glass there is an inert insulating gas. That gas keeps the temperature outside from affecting the temperature inside. When it’s hot outside, the hot air wants to get into your house to warm up the cooler air. When it’s cold outside, the hot air in your house wants to get out to heat up the outside. Heat likes to have a balance. Something warm will always move to a cooler area until the temperature has stabilized so that it’s the same all over. That is what the multiple panes of glass and the insulating gas prevents. The inner pane of glass will be the temperature inside your house, the outer pane of glass will be the temperature outside and the insulating gas in between will keep the different temperatures from touching and bleeding through.  Privacy Another good reason to get double or triple glazed windows is that they can help to give you more privacy. The additional panes of glass and the insulating gas help to deaden sound. That means neighbors aren’t going to hear what’s going on inside your house as much, and you aren’t going to hear what’s going on outside. You can also get coatings on the windows that will help keep people from seeing into your windows when they look in. It won’t keep you from having a good view out; it just prevents people seeing in. A side benefit of having a coating or film like that put on your window is that it can help to block UV rays. That will help your furniture and carpet last longer because the UV rays won’t be able to bleach the colors out or degrade the fibers.  If you need to replace the windows in your house, you may want to think about using windows that are double or triple glazed. They can make a lot of sense to have in your house and can save you money in the long run....

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To Buy Or To Build? Deciding Which New Home Option Is Right For You

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When you are in search of a new home for yourself and your family, you may find yourself wavering back and forth between two distinct options. These options are purchasing a home that has already been built and having a home built for you and your family. Determining which type of new home is right for you can be challenging, especially if you do not know what to focus on. Get to know some of the most important factors to consider when choosing between buying or building a new home so that you can make the right choice for you. Once your decision is made, you can either hire a real estate agent or home builders to get the job done as soon as possible. Does Any Member Of Your Family Have Any Special Physical Needs Or Limitations? One of the biggest factors to consider when choosing between building your own house and purchasing one is the physical needs and limitations of all of the members of your family. If you have children with special needs (i.e. in a wheelchair, with a degenerative condition, or the like) or you have an elderly parent living with you that has mobility and/or other health issues, you may have a difficult time finding an existing house on the market that meets all of their needs. Making the choice to have a house built for you means that you can make it perfectly designed to accommodate all of the needs of your family members. Instead of stairs and multiple floors, you can have ramps in and out of the house as well as throughout the home. If you live in an area in which basements are necessary for safety from tornadoes, you can also install either an elevator or a chairlift with the house so that your loved ones and family members will always be safe. Do You Have The Funds To Pay Most Of The Cost Out Of Pocket? Money and financing are always a major consideration when making a big purchase like a house. The amount of money that you can afford to spend out of pocket will have a big impact on which type of house you should choose for yourself. Most banks and other financial institutions are much more likely to approve loan applications for mortgages than for home construction. This is because the home that is already built is a form of collateral for the loan. If you were to fail to make your payments on a mortgage loan, the bank could seize possession of the house. On the other hand, there is little to no collateral for a home construction loan. If you were to default on...

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3 Ways To Vamp Up The Modern Style Of Your Business With Glass Railing

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In the business world, the appearance of your building says a lot about who you are as a company. Therefore, staying up-to-date and modern is always a good way to stay in the public eye. If you are planning to make some upgrades to your business building, a glass railing is one of those components you may never give any consideration but is definitely worth your time. Crystal clear, with the ability to give a whole new view of your property and its surroundings, glass railing is highly favored among the most modern business owners. Here are three cool ways you can vamp up your business location with glass railing and see the overall appearance of your building evolve.  Install glass railing at the front entrance of the building.  If you currently have traditional railing at the entrance of your building, you should definitely take a look at how glass railing could open up this space to give it a new appearance. Glass railing along stairways, wheelchair accessible ramps, or even used as a perimeter implementation around a walkway offers a totally modern look. Plus, glass railing adds protection and stature without blocking important design elements of your business.  Implement glass railing around upper floor balconies.  If you have a professional office building that boasts balconies on the upper floors, glass railing is always an ideal choice over bars of metal or wood. Unlike other forms of railing usually used on balconies, glass offers the protection needed on upper floors without compromising the overall appearance of your building. Onlookers will get a clear view of your building from the ground, and employees inside the building get an unobstructed view from where they are standing or sitting if they are peering out over the balcony.  Add glass railing inside of your business on secondary floors.  If you have an upper floor in your business building that is clearly visible from below, glass railing around the perimeter is an excellent way to make the interior of your business look modern and sleek. The glass railing is solid in construction, with little material to get in the way of what your customers see from the lower levels.  All in all, glass railing makes an excellent addition to a well-designed business. If you would like to know more about glass railing, make sure you talk to a professional contractor before you make upgrades and changes to your business. Contact a company like California Reflections to get...

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